Raise your hand if you want to spend your time reading Soucheray?

It’s downright exhausting trying to keep up with the tirades that local newspapers  and talk radio stations develop with the money they get from Viagra advertising dollars. That rant about the proposed new Senate office building? No. Write your newspaper editor.

The rant about streetcars? I read it just today, and volunteered to be the spoilsport, the party pooper, the scold. The rant about streetcars ran on for over 700 words, about 15 column inches. A quarter of an hour was paid by me to read through this column. The cost is not quantifiable.

Back in late November I farmed out the math to people who are to be trusted, one of whom went to Harvard. It will cost an estimated 8% of my sanity to keep my eyes chugging along through one of his columns. We are told that the Soucheray will attract 3,100 readers a day, or 1,131,500 readers a year. Doesn’t seem possible, does it? I mean, when you take a good hard look at the old river town, do you really believe a million people are going to read through a Soucheray column in the Pioneer Press?


In any event, if it costs 8% of my sanity to read and will attract 1,131,500 readers a year, that results in a loss of sanity of 7.07% each time you get your eyes on the thing. That doesn’t seem plausible, either, which means, of course, that it will be far worse.

Public readings were promised in November. They have been announced.


Something else to think about. How was your commute Tuesday? Probably pretty rough. Soucheray broadcasts during normal traffic. That might put drivers’ sanity at a crawl with a couple of inches of snow falling.

Good luck to us.